Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Heart String Quilt Finished

I finished this quilt last Saturday. Thanks to Ruthie I quilted it on Mable the long arm it took me two hours. Ruthie shipped her two, mine and another patriotic string quilt. They will be a nice addition to some hero's coming home soon to the barracks. It is always a pleasure to be a part of a surprise.
Ruthie will be posting pictures of the quilts on soon if she hasn't done so already.

Ruthie has been helping me refold my fabric and organize my "quilt studio". When it is all done we will post some before and after pictures. If my mess can be organized there is hope for anyone.

I have been cutting my scraps into squares and strips. Then I'll make up some kits. Getting organized has been because of Sossity's lecture at guild a few weeks ago. One thing she said really sticks in my mind. " You paid $8 to $9 a yard for the small pieces of fabric too not just the yardage". It's hard for me to throw any scraps away when I know that it will go into a land fill.

One quilt guild that I belong to makes cat pillows and donate them to the animal shelter.They send one home with each cat that is adopted. Any kind of fabric can go into the pillow including old socks or whatever. Just be sure there are no pins or needles.

I have been enjoying learning to blog and I'll be back soon.


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Mary said...

It's beautiful - I'm so happy that so many people have participated in sending Fran quilts. What a special homecoming it will be for those soldiers. Thank you!

Alycia said...

that quilt will be a welcome sight to a soldier coming home! What a great gift. Keep it up.

Carole said...

Lovely quilt! Organizing your sewing room is good. It gets the creative juices flowing again. Thank you for stopping by! I'm sure you will enjoy meeting lots of wonderful people on blog land.