Thursday, May 8, 2008

Three Weeks Of Bliss

I just returned from almost three weeks in Silver Spring, MD.
I went to a friends house (Carole's). She and I sewed up a storm. We went to a local quilt show that was at the fairgrounds, visited all of the venders. (We have to help the economy right?) We had such a nice visit. We ate good food, shopped, sewed, watched movies, worked in the flower garden, and etc. She has a lovely back yard so we watched the birds at the feeders and the squirrels. They thought it was a buffet all you can eat.LOL!
We fed the fish in the pond. Carole bought two new fish for the pond and the day she bought them we went to Friendly's for icecream. I had to take them in with us so they wouldn't die in the car from the heat. They were so well behaved we didn't hear a peep out of them. :)

Go to and see Carole's quilts that Ruthie quilted. They are gorgeous. My husband came to MD to bring me home this past Sunday so he delivered the quilts to Carole that Ruthie quilted . She was so pleased and she loved them.

If you look at the pictures above you will see the descriptions below.

I finished a quilt top from Sandy Bonsibs book "Sweet Treats". The quilt was in black and white with a pink batik sashing and a black and white border.. I'll add a picture later. This was a difficult quilt for me because of the black on whites and white on blacks that I chose. I kept getting them all mixed up. I made it for a co-worker where I used to work. She doesn't know that it's finished and ready to be quilted.

I finished an apple tree picnic quilt that has pieced ants marching around the border. I started it over 5 years ago. It is now ready to be quilted.

I have four small 32" to 40" quilt tops ready to be quilted. They are made with bright scraps sewed into strips with sashing in between. they will have flannel backing for the neonatal unit at our local hospital. Lois Collings is the person who collects the quilts and delivers them. I think she said that they collected around 400 last year. she wants to beat that with more this year.

I helped Carole make some of the little fleece/minkee blankies for newborns. Her daughter, Eileene gives them away to her friends that have new babies.

I have the blocks cut and ready to sew together for a quilt for my nephew and his wife.

I bought novelty fabrics to make quilts for my sons and daughters-in-laws. I am calling them "Big Boy/Girl I-Spys" They are in age from middle 20's to middle 30's. I have to tell you that I have had a blast finding fabrics for things that they all like. Hobbies, sports, foods they like, places they have worked, lived,vacationed, pets they own, I even found sunny side up eggs fabric because my youngest son likes to dip his toast in the yolk. The possibilities for these quilts is endless. I think that I might do snow ball blocks. What do you think? I even found a Chinese applique symbol (iron on) to put in the middle (or somewhere) on one of the quilts because he has that tatoo on his shoulder.
I'm going to stop for now it's time for bed.

We are going to have a celebration tomorrow evening for three birthdays and Mother's day. I hope that all of you mom's have a very special weekend and Mothers day.

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