Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Yesterday Randy and our grandson, Clay drove to Jonesboro to have Christmas with my family. I had to stay home in bed to get well.They had a good time visiting and good food. Thankfully the weather was nice and the roads clear.
Today is Christmas Happy Birthday Jesus!

I didn't do too much today since I'm trying to get well. I called to wish my family and close friends a Merry Christmas and to find out if they are having a nice Christmas and staying warm.

My sister-in-law, Rickie spent last night with us and today my husband's dad and Sandra came to have dinner. They live in North Carolina and they came North to visit family and friends for the Holidays. It was good to see them. We usually see them once or twice a year. It is probably time for us to go South to visit them.
Saturday we will go to our middle son's home for Christmas gift exchange and dinner. I always look forward to being with them. When your children are grown their lives become so busy that you see less of them.
God Bless You and Keep You in his Loving Care!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busy Making Gifts and Finishing UFO's

This year has passed so fast. It's been a very busy time for us. After returning from Birmingham, AL in October, I have been spending time with my husband and family. I have almost completed my UFO'S that I had listed for Common Threads Quilt Guild. I went to Ruthie's Quilting and quilted a wall hanging, two table runners, and a challenge quilt for Old Tippecanoe Quilt Guild.
They turned out pretty nice. I also finished a Blue Star Banner for my sister and brother-in-law.
I finished another See, Hear, and Speak No Evil in Redwork. the pattern is by Lakadaisies. I think it is number nine. Number ten is in my hoop now in Pinkwork. Most of these finished projects will go to family members for Christmas gifts. Look at the pictures in my previous posts to see the pictures.

We went to Mesa, Arizona for Thanksgiving to spend time with my youngest sister, two nephews, and our niece. I took supplies to introduce my niece to crocheting and embroidery. I had a surprise when we started our crochet lesson. My niece is left handed and I am right handed. I tried having her sit in front of me opposite and watching my hands and it didn't work. The booklet that I took was for right handed people. She did pretty good with the redwork. Now, I have to find another crochet book for left handers.

This week before Old Tippecanoe quilt Guild, Randy and I met Ruthie at Bruno's in West Lafayette for a very nice dinner. Randy had salmon and Ruthie and I had a very nice fruit spinach salad. Mine with no spinach and romaine lettuce instead. (I don't like raw spinach).

We exchanged gifts with each other and I was so surprised when I opened my gift from Ruthie! It was my king size redwork quilt. It was at Ruthie's Quilting and I was in no hurry to for her to quilt it because it is king sized and our bed is queen sized. Plus His Majesty and His Highness get on our bed and it is not the kind of quilt to be washed all the time. BUT being the good friend and nice person Ruthie is she quilted it for me! It is absolutely beautiful! This quilt has 120 hand embroidered blocks with red sashing. I got carried away when I started making the blocks. I had it basted and was going to hand quilt it. (what was I thinking?) The quilting has a feather pattern in the outside border, sqiggles in the sashing, and stippling in the redwork blocks. You can see the quilt on Ruthie's blog Guild Challenge and the Shhh Quilt I was so touched by her generosity. You have to know her to appreciate all she does for others and many of you bloggers do know her. She is a wealth of quilting information and she readily shares. She was just as excited to quilt it for me as I was to see it done.

I woke up not feeling well a couple of days ago and today I went to the doctor and she put me on an antbiotic and mucinex dm. I have asthma and I have to be careful it doesn't go into bronchitis or pnemonia. Of course, our Christmas plans are up in the air. We will see how I feel in the morning. My voice is always the first thing to go. My boy's loved it when they were young and I couldn't talk. Ha Ha lol!

I did sew the binding on my redwork quilt. I wanted some hand work to do when I feel better.
If you read this have a very Merry Christmas and a great New year.