Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Redwork, Wool Work, and Grieving

I haven't been doing a lot of quilting or needlework lately. This week I did get out my light box and copied a redwork pattern on to fabric. One pattern was an old fashioned toddler on a rocking horse called "Baby's Morning Ride. The book is called Redwork Quilts Book 2 by Tricia Cribbs. It has some really nice patterns in it. It will be really cute when it is done.

I have a Dresden Plate pattern by Margie Towery that I also copied on to fabric. I love this pattern. The way she taught us to do it you don't have to use templates, just baste it on to the background from the back and then appliqué it on.

In my last blog I forgot to mention that my friend Becky had some really awesome wool needlework cases that she brought to OTQG last week. Now I want to get wool out and make some. She inspired me to dig into my wool. Did you know that there are wool seminars and workshops, and etc.? I didn't know! Where have I been? And how cool is that?

On to another topic:
I have been really missing my grandma (Tillie) this week. She passed away one year and 4 months ago.

I went to San Francisco, CA twice a year for a number of years to be with her. She was always my biggest fan of my life accomplishments. She rooted for me when I went back to school and graduated from IVY Tech in my 30's and when I started painting with water colors, and then when I started quilting, redwork, rug hooking, needle punch, and everything. She thought I was the best even when I made mistakes. That is why I miss her so much. We both loved reading mysteries too!

She was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2006. I went on December 27th to be with her and take care of her. (Since my mom passed away 20 years ago I became even closer to my grandma.) She passed away on March 6, 2007.

I inherited my grandma's dog, Truffles, so he helps me when I'm missing her. I returned home at the end of March 2007 by way of a road trip on a Southern route to Mesa, AZ from San Francisco and then to Indiana. Thanks for listening to my rambling.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Day and Another Month has passed

Tonight I went with my good friend Ruthie (from Ruthie's Quilting), to Moe's on the Levee for dinner. We had yummy quesadillias. When Ruthie joined OTQG we decided to try and go to a new restaurant before we go to guild. So that means twice a month we can try somewhere new.
Then we go to quilt guild, Old Tippecanoe Quilt Guild in West Lafayette, IN

The program tonight was given by Marty Hudlow. It was Fun & Done Quilting. If you haven't heard of this it was really fun. It is a new take on quilt as you go. I think there were enough rows done to make a quilt for the Women's Shelter that we make quilts for.

Marty showed us some patterns by Prarie Sky Quilting. They are really cool. I am so excited I thought I lost this post. I logged in today and here it is. Yea!!!!!!!