Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is Aunix he is eleven years old . One of his kidneys has died and has stones in it . We inherited him when Toby went to college. During his junior year he became ours. He is really attached to my husband, Randy so this is really hard for him. He is the most self assured cat that I have ever known. He has had a pretty much perfect life and has never been abused or treated harsh in any way. He is vey vocal and tells us exactly what he wants when he wants it.

Painting, new backsplash, new counter and more...

I watched sweet little Krayden this week on Monday and Tuesday. He was running a little temp so I sat and held him a lot of the time. It is wonderful being a grandma. He is eight months old now. Crawling everywhere and starting to climb and pull himself up. His mommy and daddy are so good with him. It is a joy to watch them. They are going to have another baby in late December to the first of January 2011. I can hardly wait!!

Back to my blog title. I have been painting my kitchen cabinets white and put on new red ceramic knobs. We purchased the tile for the back splash (sunset red) glass one inch tiles last weekend. i can't believe how long it takes to choose all the stuff when you remodel anything and then we are doing the work so it will take longer since we aren't professionals. ha Ha!It will be lovely when it is done. I started removing the old tiles in the wee hours of the morning. So far so good. We will order the new counter top this weekend. It is a dark charcoalish (I know not a real word)black laminate and I am so excited about it.

Ruthie from threadsofmine quilted two small quilts made from scrappy one patch tumbler blocks for me this past month. I'm giving them to my dil, Ashleys little nieces and I quilted one that is 80" X 80" done in batiks. It is for our oldest grandson, Clay. I haven't made him a quilt since he was around five years old so it was way past time. They are all bound and I'm putting the labels on this weekend.

I have three more quilt tops finished and ready to be quilted. The backings and bindings need pressed. One is blue and white 2 1/2" squares and 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles with black Scottie dogs and the name Gavin appliqued on. It is for my new little nephew adopted in January 2010.
Another is a top that I finished at retreat in Shipshewana 8 1/2" squares with a focal fabric of pastel colored salt box houses, and then a cheater quilt with black borders for Nolan, my dil's nephew. It is the panel with plane, train, boats, cars, bicycle, and etc with black sashing in between the blocks and rows. I am on Ruthie's waiting list to be done on Mable.

I finished my studio for the most part but it is rather messy right now. When I get it straightened then I'll take pictures and post them on here.

When my boys were young I couldn't wait for them to grow up.
I'm not doing that with the grandsons. I am savoring every moment with them. Already the oldest is fifteen years and Krayden is past eight months. Where has the time gone?