Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Yesterday Randy and our grandson, Clay drove to Jonesboro to have Christmas with my family. I had to stay home in bed to get well.They had a good time visiting and good food. Thankfully the weather was nice and the roads clear.
Today is Christmas Happy Birthday Jesus!

I didn't do too much today since I'm trying to get well. I called to wish my family and close friends a Merry Christmas and to find out if they are having a nice Christmas and staying warm.

My sister-in-law, Rickie spent last night with us and today my husband's dad and Sandra came to have dinner. They live in North Carolina and they came North to visit family and friends for the Holidays. It was good to see them. We usually see them once or twice a year. It is probably time for us to go South to visit them.
Saturday we will go to our middle son's home for Christmas gift exchange and dinner. I always look forward to being with them. When your children are grown their lives become so busy that you see less of them.
God Bless You and Keep You in his Loving Care!

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