Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Closed Roads and blogging

What do closed roads have to do with blogging you ask? Well...... Here in Indiana where I live we are having some really yucky weather.LOL My husband is stuck in Indianapolis for the night because of the roads so... I am trying to get the hang of blogging and not making a mess of it. I can do what I want without interruption that means I will sign off the computer and go sew something. My friend Ruthie spent awhile on the phone with me trying to give me blogging lessons. She was getting a kink in her neck so we had to end the lesson. I need to add the last border for the string quilt and take Truffles, His Majesty out in the snow and ice to go potty. When I learn how to put pictures in my posts you can see what he looks like.
By Janet

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