Saturday, October 11, 2008

Traveling and PIBS!

I can not believe that it has been almost two months since I've blogged.

Yesterday I went to Common Threads Guild Day Camp for a few hours. Here's what I accomplished.

Another guild that I belong to Old Tippecanoe has a challenge that I'm participating in. We were to bring in a zip lock bag with our name enclosed with ten to twenty pieces of fabric four inches or larger. We gave them to Marissa and she in turn gave one back to us. We have to make a finished quilt (any size) by our Christmaed the tops party in December. The challenge was to use at least an inch of ten of the fabrics on the front of our quilt. I am so excited that I finished the top! It was indeed a challenge for me. My good friend Ruthie took pity on me and helped me come up with a plan.
She is full of wonderful, creative ideas. So if you belong to OT Guild or you want to visit you will get to see my quilt in December, first Tuesday of the month at Morton Center West Lafayette, IN .

I also finished a table runner top with embroidered lavenderwork of tea cups and saucers for my daughter, Kelsey (my son Zach's wife) for Christmas. It's ready to quilt. Purple is her favorite color. If I ever get the hang of posting pictures on here you will get to see more of my projects.

I started a jelly roll quilt for a Quilt Of Valor quilt. I'm hoping to have ready to quilt soon. It is done in red, whites, and blues from some fabric that I purchased at Rossville Quilts in Rossville, Indiana. This top is about three fourths done.

I also sewed the blocks together for a PIB (project in bag). It was from Australian Patchwork & Quilting Jan/Feb 2000 vol. 7 No.1 called "Beyond The Garden Gate". I loved appliquing the baskets. I sewed the blocks together and since I didn't have the pattern with me I stopped sewing because I couldn't remember if some small strips went in between the blocks or if it was a small inner border. I went home and found the pattern today. (it took me awhile to find it) It is a small inner border! yeah! no unsewing! It's been in a bag for at least four years. I think I bought the magazine at CT auction one year.

Tomorrow my husband and I are traveling to Birminham, AL. He is working there for two months and has been flying home on weekends (for one day) and then back again. So, his majesty, Truffles and I are going to go there for two weeks so he doesn't have to travel for a weekend. We are driving down tomorrow. We are leaving at 7:30ish .

The job will be done at the end of this month. Hopefully, a new one will be coming quickly.

I packed the important stuff last night. Five bags of projects to quilt, piece, bind, crochet, and embroider. And of course read.

Some that I want to finish are a Mini vege jar quilt from Miniature Quilts magazine September 2001, Issue No.55. I started it when I went to San Francisco to be with my grandma before she passed away. It is hand applique.

I also started a scrap snowball quilt while in San Francisco that I want to finish.

I have fabric cut for a quilt pattern by Cottonseed Glory that I purchased in Annapolis, MD last year called Wisteria Lane. I'm doing it in blues since it's for my nephew, Brent and his wife, Samantha and blue is his favorite color.

I have a bug jar quilt ready to sew into rows, pattern by Carol Hopkins. I took this class years ago at Quilters Harvest and I've finished five of them.

I also gathered fabric for for Orange Slices by My Sister and me. The pattern is adorable I only hope do it justice. I also have to buy fabric for the background. I can't believe that I don't have any suitable but I don't.

I bought the pattern and panels for patriotic quilts at Rossville Quilts so maybe I'll get them started. I plan on making three.

Today I talked to my friend Carole A. and she said "How long are you going to be gone"? You don't want to stay in the hotel and get cabin fever. Anyone that knows me knows that I always go over board with projects that I take when I go somewhere. I want to be able to choose what I want to do in the moment. I'll give an update when I get home maybe everything will be done. Right?

When Carole still lived in Lafayette I was house sitting across the street from her house in The Landings. Taking care of a cat and dog. I would gather up my stuff to go across the street for sewing days. Of course I had bags of stuff to take over to her house and she called me "The Bag Lady" because I had bags of STUFF!

I have already found where we will visit. Quilt Shops, Miniature shops, and thrift stores/flea markets/antique shops.

I have to finish packing my stuff lol! So I better get off here. Hopefully, I it won't be another two
months before you hear from me again.


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