Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hot Tamales!

Literally I had hot tamales last night. Ruthie's husband, Dan bought these marvelous home made tamales and sent some home with me. Oh my gosh were they good! Ruthie told me to watch out for the green ones that they were hot and she was right. I ate mine with sour cream so that cooled them off. I have to buy some when I get back from AL. A friend of one of their neighbors makes them. Maybe I'll have to learn how to make them.

I'm thinking I should make a red and yellow quilt to name "Hot Tamales" in honor of Dan. What do you think?

I talked to a casual friend/acquaintance last night and she has been going through a rough spot. I had no idea. Sometimes I get so involved with whats going on in my life that I don't slow down and take time to see how people around me are doing. Do you ever do that? I'm going to try and change that. It means I have to put myself out there and try and help make someone else's life a little brighter. Making new friends is not always easy but it's worth it. This blog helps me remember goals and things that I've done or want to do quilting and otherwise.

Thanks Ruthie for encouraging me to start blogging.

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