Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day and Summer Dresses

It has been over a month since I put any blogs on here. Life has got in the way. Graduation parties, going away parties, and having dinners with my sons and their wives. We even had our 13 year old grandson a weekend.

I have to admit that I haven't been doing much quilting recently. I've been trying to organize my sewing room, kitchen, and repairs around the house. I have read 8 books in the past month and I'm painting kitchen cabinets so that's probably why. Plus mh has been home all the time. I worked on a pinkwork "See, Speak, And Hear No Evil".

I gave mh a couple presents for father's day and he loved them. We then went to MCalister's for lunch. I had my favorite, Taco salad and mh had Spud Max and we shared a chocoate spoon cake delicious (like eating fudge with a spoon and of course their brewed iced tea.

We went and bought a small shed kit for our back yard, they deliver on Wednesday. The sons are coming over Saturday to build it.

We went to JoAnns to get a batting 80/20, a chaco liner, a 60mm Olfa rotary cutter and (don't tell Ruthie) a little fabric. Ha Ha! She knows first hand how much fabric I have. Have you been to threadsofmine lately? The quilts are beautiful.

My daughter, (Zach's wife) Kelsey, brought me a sundress to add black fabric to the hem to make it a couple inches longer. It is done, so hopefully it will be the right length.

I wrote a really long blog a few weeks ago and somehow I lost it in computer land.
It had taken me over an hour to write it. I just logged off in frustration.

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