Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Little Mini Charmer

Tonight, Ruthie http://threadsofmine.blogspot.com/ and I went to Panera Breads to eat before our Guild meeting, Old Tippecanoe Quilt Guild.
We both had a delicious salad Harvest something with dried cherries, pecans, and pears. I had green tea and Ruthie had coffee. We ran into a couple of other friends, Sue G., alias Lucy Ricardo lol. Cheryl E., and Carol. We had some laughs and then went to guild.

Ruthie and I did a demo of the Mini Charmer bags by Penny Sturges at http://www.quiltsillustrated.com/ They have a number of different patterns and they are really cute. We were told that members enjoyed our demo and we gave a pattern and almost complete bag away as a door prize. This past Saturday Ruthie and I got together at my house and sewed a number of bags in different stages of completion to show members of the guild how to make them.

We asked that if anyone brought bags that they made to show them. It was really fun. I played the part of Vanna and held things up and passed them around. Ruthie is the organized person that did the talking.

After guild we went to get some $2.09 a gallon gas. WOW! Aren't you glad the fuel price has dropped?
Then to McDonalds to have some ice cream. We watched a little of the Polls on the tv and then Ruthie dropped me off at my house. We had a very nice evening. It was fun to just laugh. A merry heart does good like a medicine.

I got an e-mail from http://www.zandsfabrics.com/ and of course I had to go check out their sale. Carol and Mehgan are sweeties and Mehgan is in the hospital having her little boy, Finn. He is taking his time making an appearance so they decided to have a sale and somebody could win their purchase and shipping if their order is the closet to when Finn is born. Also, everything is 10% off the web site. They had some Moda fabric that I love so I bought a yard for the binding and of course some other fabric.

On Halloween night I bought fabric from http://www.rossvillequilts.com/ It is a cute shop in Rossville, IN. Moda's May Pole by April Cornell. I needed some fabric for the binding of a quilt that I finished cutting today. So, I bought it from zandsfabrics. I absolutely love this line of fabric.

I am going to go to sleep now. Have a great night and tomorrow we will wake up to a new President Elect.

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